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  • HOLI - festival Of Colors

    by admin

    Celebrate this Holi with Satin Threads

    Holi is around the corner. One of the most joyous festivities of all is eager to color you multi, from head to toe.

    Colorful delight in the air is making people impatient for the upcoming festival.

    The festival of Holi marks the onset of spring. So it had to have an involvement of colors anyhow, because well, spring is all about colors.


    Holi COLOR-brations

    Holi is celebrated with much zeal in most parts of the Indian subcontinent. Also the residents of India, no matter where they migrate, are naturally driven by the essence of this festivity. Lately, people belonging to different ethnicities around the world have started acknowledging this colorful Indian festival as well.

    Associated Rituals:

    On the eve of Holi, typically at or after sunset, the pyre is lit, signifying “Holika Dahan”. The ritual symbolizes the victory of good over evil. People sing and dance around the fire. The tradition of lighting this bonfire which Indians acknowledge as “Holika” is associated with an incidence which goes:

    Prahalada, the son of Hiranyakashyapu, the daitya king, was a devotee of Lord Vishnu. Prahalada’s utmost devotion for the lord was something that was unacceptable by his father. However, after repeated attempts of filicide by Hiranyakashyapu unto Prahalada, he was finally saved by Lord Narasimha (half-man half-lion), a prominent avatar of Vishnu. In one of his attempts of the same, Hiranyakashyapu had asked her sister, Holika, who had a boon of not being burnt down by fire, to sit with Prahalada in a bonfire. Ultimately, when the planned incident was executed, Prahalada came out safe while Holika could not.

    So, celebrating this incidence as a victory of good over evil, Hindus light bonfires with glee and enjoy with relatives and friends.

    The next day is a free-for-all, open-for-all carnival of colors, where participants, who are of all ages, sects and gender, indulge in playing with dry powdered colors, splashing colored water, throwing colored water filled balloons at each other. Everyone is in a fair game, friend or stranger, rich or poor, man or woman. Frolic captures the hearts of all.

    Dressing up for Holi:

    So, are you done with looking into every nook and corner of your cupboard, pondering over what to wear and what not, this Holi? Well, the team here at Satin Threads can help you in the deal. Here’s a piece of advice for your Holi Dress up.

    -The Color Palette:

    White is both classic and in trend this or any Holi season for that matter. White makes the colors that you have been playing hard with, stand out. Also, one can add a tinge of color with pastel tones of various hues like yellow, green, pink, blue etc. And well, be the target of all the balloon showers i.e. be noticeable enough, in even darker hues like red, maroon, bottle green etc.

    So we conclude that though there is no hard and fast rule of deciding the color palette this Holi, one can choose colors that suit the sentiments of the functions they will be attending, but white is definitely on the charts.

    -The Ethnic Vibe:

    Traditional suits, Kurta Pyjamas, Cotton Sarees, pick something traditional to India, especially when you hold an invitation to a particular Holi get together or function. Chickenkari suits are a bang on . You can also pair your clothing with colorful but very light accessories like light bangles or bracelets, a Bindi, light metal ear tops etc.


    When on a casual Holi get together with friends, stuff like tees, long skirts, old discarded clothes work well. Jeans is also a good to go basic for Holi.

    Avoid clingy or body hugging clothing as playing with water can make you conscious and will attract attention of others.



    Hair need to be protected from the effects of colors on Holi. First of all don’t forget a bandana. Bandana not only adds a style statement to your otherwise rough yet safe look, but also protects you from the harmful effects of color.

    High buns and braids do the deed as well. Avoid leaving your hair loose.


    So enjoy the most you can this Holi.

    Best wishes from Satin Threads.














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  • How To Look Fabulous

    by admin


    Your wedding day is very special day of your life. Every bride wants to look absolute best like “a million dollars”. Your wedding make-up should reflect your personality and enhance your features.

    Wedding day is one day where nothing shot of perfection can come to pass. Bride want their wedding day to be a memorable day. The day of your wedding will be special one and you definitely want to cherish it forever.

    We know how tensed you are for your wedding make-up. That is one thing you need to worry about. We have carefully put together some tips that ‘ll help you on your Wedding day.


    Indian brides love to use bright color that gives Royal look for the marriage ceremony. In order to maintain long lasting look, you need to ensure that there are not oil or dirt on the face of bride.


    1.   Clean Up

    On the day of your wedding, wash your face and use light moisturiser. Don’t use harsh scrub. Gently clean your face. Your focus should be on clean, soft skin that ‘ll helps to achieve natural and beautiful skin.

    2.   Base Fix up

    Use primer before applying your make-up, that ‘ll help to hold the make-up. It’ll helps to keep your foundation and concealer in place.

    Like foundation, concealer is equally important to cover the reddish blemishes on the skin and helps to brighten up your skin tone.

    Use matte finish foundation and without SPF because SPF gives you undesirable shining that will effects in photography. So, it’s better to avoid.

    For glowing look, use highlighter on checks, nose and forehead.

    3.   Blush

    For bridal makeup, only bright colors are used for wedding. Take some blush on blush brush and apply it in circular motion, blend it upward.

    For eyes, brides love golden, shimmer eye make-up. Golden goes well with red, magenta, green, orange lehengas or heavy sarees. Give Smoky effects to your eyelids with golden eye shadow and define your eyes with black eye-liner or mascara. Don’t use any other colors.

    4.   Lips that look good on wedding

    The lips are one of our most attractive features that enhance your beauty. Your lips also need to moisturized so they are not dry or cracked, once color is applied. Choose a color that compliments your face tones and blush.

    Lipstick color depend on skin tone of your body.

    -  If you have fair skin, go for bright colors like red, magenta that gives Royal look.

    -   If you have warm tone, go for nude peach color.

    -   If you have medium tone, go for rosy pink, red, light orange.

    Before using lipstick use lip liner of same color on the edge of your lips to define the shape of your lips.

    Follow the given makeup tips to make your look “The Royal Wedding” look it will help to make your day memorable. By following the above tips you will look stunning on your Wedding day.

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  • Digital Printed Churidar Suit

    1 comment by admin







    When it comes to wearing a suit, it should look gorgeous and at the same time elegant.
    We at make sure about the designs and collections which we sell.

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